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RightEye is the first end-to-end solution that captures and scores eye movements, providing users and leaders with a quantitative way to predict potential, evaluate progress, and improve outcomes. Here's how we make your success the focus.


RightEye SPECS combine the best of form and function to record eye movements, and accurately capture his or her precise focal point during a task. The tracking information is wirelessly uploaded to our database.


Our proprietary software compares user eye movements to expert eye movements, and instantly generates a score based on a fundamental performance question: Where is the user looking, versus where they should be looking?


After the scoring assessment, RightEye provides individualized training programs to bridge gaps in performance. Our programs are developed based on scientific (perceptual-cognitive) research and training best practices methodology. Users learn to create visual routines that sharpen their overall skills and responses.


The proof is in the results, which are both measurable and repeatable—and available within minutes. RightEye is the first end-to-end solution that provides users—and organizational leaders—with a quantitative method of measuring a user's live statistical performance. The outcome: a complete system where usage can be clearly correlated to success.

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