Our Story

How did RightEye, a health technology company, become the world leader in the development and delivery of eye-tracking tests and training… in just 3 years? Well, of course it takes experience, it takes know-how, and it takes real passion. At RightEye, these qualities come in triplicate (see Leadership). And, not to be ironic -- it all started with a vision.

For 30 years, eye-tracking science and research languished in the halls of academia, only occasionally stepping out into the real world. During this time, vast amounts of health and vision research and testing, while fragmented, created a cumulative understanding of:

  • How our eyes work and how they are connected to the brain
  • How injuries and illness change the ways our eyes work in consistent and predictable ways
  • How eye-tracking training can aid in recovery

RightEye saw an opportunity to bring this knowledge, research and testing together, and create a technology platform that delivers a portfolio of eye-tracking tests and training to health and vision providers around the world. We saw the opportunity and we ran with it.

Today, RightEye delivers eye-tracking tests and training that provide objective eye movement information and feedback. We provide optometrists with a total view of their patient’s vision health in just minutes. Our tests and training solutions are improving the vision performance and results of sports teams, the military and law enforcement. We continue to develop, acquire and integrate new tests and trainings that will deliver superior care and outcomes.

And, what’s so exciting is that we’ve only just begun. Join the revolution.

Our Mission

RightEye's mission is to offer affordable, easy to use, end-to-end solutions that leverage the latest eye-tracking technologies, proven scientific research, and our unique patented software to deliver superior care, tests and outcomes to the health care, vision care, and performance vision communities around the world.