Autism EyeQ

Aids in identifying children aged 12 to 40 months with autism spectrum disorders.

The RightEye Autism EyeQ test can aid in identifying children with autism spectrum disorder earlier than other tests, as well as aid in determining levels of challenges. A 1-minute test quickly measures and analyzes attention and provides a real-time report. Test is used with children aged 12 to 40 months.


Based on research By Dr. Karen Pierce at University of California San Diego Autism Center of Excellence, completed on more than 1,000 young children, this test uses eye-tracking technology to monitor looking behavior. The test measures the percent of time looking at 1 of 2 videos simultaneously presented that contain different content. Children without ASD between 12-40 months will spend the majority of time looking at videos containing faces rather than geometric shapes. In children who are ultimately diagnosed with autism, 20 percent were diagnosed with certainty and a further 20 percent pass but would likely be referred for further observation and intervention.


The report includes the following metrics:

  • Norms for over 1,000 children
  • Percentage of time spent looking at each image
  • Classification into percentiles against norms based on viewing allocation


This test takes 1 1/2 minutes


  • RightEye Everyday Vision EyeQ: Children with autism often have associated binocular vision issues that can create double or blurred vision, and headaches. Yet they are unable to articulate these issues. The Everyday Vision EyeQ tests help screen for associated vision issues and identify when to refer out to an optometrist or ophthalmologist for vision training or other intervention.

CAUTION ­­ Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use. Not for sale in the United States for this investigational use. This product has not been cleared or approved by FDA.

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