EyeQ Trainer (beta)

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Transform your patients' lives with computer-based exercises they do at home.

What do you do once you've run a comprehensive exam on your patient and uncovered a visual dysfunction or area for improvement? RightEye EyeQ Trainer delivers targeted vision exercises that patients do at home with their computer or tablet.


All of the principles built into EyeQ Trainer are backed by dozens of scientific studies, including the research from Dr. John Leigh and Dr. David Zee's classic text, The Neurology of Eye Movements.

EyeQ Trainer helps improve specific areas of dysfunctional vision, including:

  • Horizontal Pursuits
  • Vertical Pursuits
  • Horizontal Saccade Dysmetria
  • Vertical Saccade Dysmetria
  • Bilateral V or Y
  • Right V or Y
  • Left V or Y
  • Bilateral A or Lambda
  • Right A or Lambda
  • Left A or Lambda


Step #1: Eye-Tracking Test

Administer a RightEye eye-tracking test. When dysfunction is identified, the RightEye EyeQ report will provide a link to the recommended EyeQ Trainer exercises.

Step #2: At-Home Vision Exercises

The patient does their EyeQ Trainer exercises from their home computer. Exercises take less than one minute per sitting, which the patient does once or twice a day for up to a few weeks.

Step #3: Follow-Up Visit

Patients return to your office to be retested with the RightEye eye-tracking system. Assess how the patient is feeling and verify improvement with quantifiable results in the EyeQ report.


  • Offer personalized treatment recommendations
  • Objectively measure progress

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