Vision Training Games

RightEye Vision Training Games™

RightEye offers a variety of Vision Training Games™ customized to address vision issues identified with RightEye’s EyeQ Tests. Games can be used to go from good to great or as part of rehabilitation. These gaze-interactive games combine the thrill of gaming with innovative eye-tracking technology to improve gaze control, accuracy, and speed. Imagine exploding things with only your eyes! The games feature bubbles, asteroids, aliens and mazes and include functionalities to monitor visual reaction time, peripheral range and recognition, accuracy, speed and smoothness of eye movements. Play up to 10 times at a session and watch improvement. After patients or athletes use the games, doctors receive reports that show scores for speed, and accuracy, allowing providers to track and assess improvement over time.

RightEye Training Games™ are recommended for:

  • Patients with eye control issues that affect learning and living.
  • Patients with brain health issues, including concussion, stroke or any other brain injury.
  • Athletes, military and law enforcement personnel who want to improve their performance vision.
  • Patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.
  • General population who want to improve their everyday vision.

RightEye Maze Master™

The RightEye Maze Master™ is a computer-based eye-tracking game designed to improve reading and learning skills.

Maze Master works in conjunction with the RightEye Reading EyeQ Test™, to improve the oculomotor skills deficits that may be impairing a person's reading. Maze Master helps users train their eyes and improve oculomotor function by requiring their gaze to stay within maze-like lines. To play, users move one or both of their eyes through a maze, “popping” numbers encountered within the maze upon seeing them with their eyes. As the game progresses, the mazes grow narrower, while the numbers grow more plentiful, making the tasks more challenging. As users progress through the various levels, the movements they create with their eyes build more stable and accurate motions, including those that mimic the movements necessary for reading.

RightEye Cosmos Combat™

RightEye’s Cosmos Combat trains peripheral range and recognition by presenting a central image and surrounding images that may match. User must keep eye focused centrally and identify and look at the matching peripheral image. In gaze interaction, looking is like selecting. User is rewarded with visual explosion and with points for speed and accuracy. The better you are, the harder it becomes. Cosmos Combat can improve visual processing, speed and peripheral recognition accuracy.

RightEye Bubble Blast™

RightEye’s Bubble Blast exercises saccades and pursuits at every angle, training the eye in accuracy and control. After injury, it’s important to exercise the visual system across the midline. Bubble Blast is frequently used as part of development or rehabilitation. Accurately looking at a bubble pops it and on-target pursuit rewards the user with bright colors.

Space Storm™

RightEye Space Storm pits the user against asteroids, space creatures and even certain red aliens to protect one or more ships. Shoot the asteroids with your eyes to protect the ship. Avoid looking at the red creatures or lose points. Challenge the user with up to two space ships to defend against and ever-increasing number of asteroids and creatures. Make sure not to look at the red ones! Space Storm trains speed, accuracy, and inhibition.

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