Become a RightEye Partner

As the world leader in the development and delivery of eye-tracking health and vision tests and training, we are actively seeking partners who would like to join our team.

There are several ways to partner with RightEye and play an important role in our journey to deliver this amazing technology to the world for the betterment of human kind.

RightEye Research Partners

If you are an eye-tracking and/or vision science researcher and have an idea, protocol or prototype for a health or vision eye-tracking test or training (think eye-tracked games), RightEye can turn your research into a reality.

Benefits include:

  • Turn your research into a marketable product
  • Help deliver better care and outcomes around the world
  • Continue your research and let us do the product development
  • Earn revenue stream

If you are interested in producing peer reviewed publications, click here

RightEye Platform Partners

If you already have developed a health or vision eye-tracking test or training that is in current use but would like to introduce your product to a larger market, RightEye is the only platform in the world that can deliver your product to the world. We can help you integrate your test or training to the RightEye platform and give it a global introduction.

Benefits include:

  • Take your test or training to the world
  • Deliver better care and outcomes for patients/customers
  • Move on to your next new product development (and let us take care of marketing and distribution)
  • Create a substantial new revenue stream

Marketing/Distribution Partners

If you are already an active marketer-distributor-reseller in the health and/or vision markets, RightEye tests and training solutions could be valuable products to add to your portfolio or could fit in with strategic objectives.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to offer revolutionary new health technologies to customers that will help them better serve patients and even change the world
  • Expand your customer base and markets by delivering faster, better, first of their kind technologies
  • Increase customer loyalty by helping them improve care and outcomes for patients/clients
  • Create new revenue streams

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