Performance Vision

20/20 vision isn’t good enough. There’s a lot more to good vision than seeing clearly. Dynamic visual acuity, depth perception, and visual processing time play a major role in determining the quality of an individual’s performance vision, which is especially important for athletes, warfighters, law enforcement personnel, and those who recruit them.

RightEye combines over 40 years of eye-tracking research and vision science with an innovative technology platform to deliver tests that identify weaknesses in performance vision and provide individualized training programs for improvement.

Best of all, these training solutions can be accessed online anywhere in the world. For trainers and recruiters, RightEye is the ultimate solution to assess potential, evaluate performance, and improve outcomes.

Fast, Objective, Repeatable Tests Measure Performance and Improvement.

With a quick test administered by anyone with minimal training, RightEye provides information about performance vision in a manner and depth never before available.

The three major areas of vision performance assessed are:

Visual Acuity: Dynamic and static, eye dominance, visual field, contrast sensitivity, dry eye, phoria measurement

Visual Strength: Pursuit, speed, accommodation, peripheral range, peripheral recognition

Visual Search: Search, decision making, inhibition, anticipation, recognition and response

Following a science-based, metric-driven methodology, RightEye tests measure and analyze eye data and provide real-time reports that can be accessed online no matter where you are.

RightEye Benefits for Sports Teams

  • Assess visual ability and skill for a specific position
  • Know specific player visual strengths; use to gain advantage
  • Know weaknesses and correct them
  • Make better player acquisition decisions
  • Compare scores across players

RightEye Benefits for Military and Law Enforcement

RightEye is the ultimate solution to assess potential, train visual abilities of forces, and improve performance in:

  • Force assignments and team development
  • Leadership assessments
  • Weapon firing accuracy
  • Imminent threat detection
  • "Go/No-Go" decision-making scenarios

Join the Revolution

RightEye Performance Vision Tests and Training give sports teams, military and law enforcement a powerful tool to assess potential, evaluate performance and improve outcomes.

Early adopters are already realizing a competitive advantage.

Early adopters include:


  • Sports vision professionals
  • Professional sports teams, including Major League Baseball organizations
  • High schools and colleges with competitive sports programs
  • Elite training academies
  • Professional and amateur athletes in various fields of play

Defense and Law Enforcement

  • U.S. military organizations
  • Law enforcement organizations at federal, state and local level
  • Private security organizations